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Anyuan (Antai) strives to bring more generous returns and better space platform for the company and its employees with its brand-new hardware platform, marketing strategy and incentive cooperation mode. The success of Anyuan (Antai) comes from the joint efforts of every Antai people. Personnel are the foundation of Anyuan (Antai) development, change and success. Here we sincerely invite you to join us. Anyuan (Antai) will be the stage where you fully display your talents and reflect your value.

Three reasons for joining Antai

1. Standard equipment Class 5A office environment, convenient transportation. Provide accommodation: Provide standard single room accommodation, equipped with toilets, water heaters, air conditioning, kitchen and other living supporting facilities. Working hours: 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, enjoy the national statutory holidays. 2. Adding flowers to the icing on the cake: Year-end awards, paid annual leave, starting salary, Festival care, team development, Mid-Autumn Festival cake, annual meeting, employees'birthday party, regular outdoor activities (mountain climbing, barbecue, ball games, dinner K song, party etc.), tourism, etc. 3. Development Platform for Realizing Dreams The company's leader is a young alumnus of Southwest University of Science and Technology after 1980, who is dedicated, selfless, altruistic and highly strategic forward-looking. The company provides multi-dimensional business development channels (branches, offices, Alibaba, Amazon and other business platforms, exhibitions, etc.), supporting factory resources and customer resources accumulation for more than 10 years. Mobilization and promotion opportunities, and eventually become a company partner! Recruitment positions: I. Assistant Engineer of Rubber Polymer Research and Development 1. Responsible for organizing rubber formulation research, adjustment, performance improvement, solving technical problems in production process and participating in major quality problems adjustment, etc. 2. Major in polymer materials is preferred. 2. Laboratory, Quality Inspector and Quality Control 1. Responsible for testing, testing and quality management of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products 3. Business Documentation, Salesmen, Electronic Commerce Business of Foreign Trade IV. Assistant Director V. Some General Workers Contact person: Mr. Cai

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Contact number 0595-85151198
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